Culture, Sports and Society

Within Dutch society Het Noordik also looks around in society.

Much attention is paid to culture and music and students can develop their talents in the theatre stream. Once every three years, a major musical production is staged in the theatre in Almelo by students and staff. The annual talent contest The Voice of Almelo has also become a tradition.

Het Noordik is also a Top sports Talent school. Students who excel at sports get the opportunity to develop their talents with adapted lesson times and test schedules. This way they can make room in their schedule for sports training sessions and matches.

Through social internships and cooperative projects with organizations and companies in the area of the various branches of the school the students get to know the world around them. They accept their responsibility for the community of today and tomorrow. For at Het Noordik we learn together for a diploma, but we also learn to live together and to make the right choices.