Working in small localized units

We are a big school but have organized the educational process on a small scale. Ten departments with independent teams have the scope to set their own policy, attuned to the situation of their students. Those ten teams are divided over four branches:

C. van Renneslaan
In Almelo there is the VMBO branch at the C. van Renneslaan, with special learning environment classrooms. The spirit of initiative of students and staff is stimulated there on a daily basis.

In Vriezenveen VMBO students work on their future from the safe environment of their own village but also play an important part in the local community.

The branch in Vroomshoop combines theoretical knowledge and practical skills for and from those who know and those who do. Besides the practically oriented VMBO subjects the school offers scope for the lower 3 years of HAVO en VWO streams.

The HAVO and VWO branch at the Noordikslaan in Almelo is absolutely worth discovering. Here students prepare for a university education and learn to develop a critical attitude. They get the opportunity to take part in several Olympiads. Students may apply to take part in the Anglia Project, in which classes are taught in English and students get challenging assignments.